We wanted to create a project under the TreeHacks "Awareness" vertical. Each of us felt that social media is an important tool that has an extremely impressionable audiences. As a result, the spread of misinformation is something that we seek to counter. With our project, we want to emphasize public awareness on climate change. According to a 2010 Yale study on the American population, only 50% of the population understood that global warming was caused by human activity. It is concerning that the other 50% didn't. ClimbToChange seeks to turn climate change into a reason for lifestyle and policy changes.

What it does

Our project allows everyday people to have access to and understand information that usually circulates within scientific communities. Reading scholarly articles often implicitly demands some amount of background knowledge in the field that it comes from. As a result, understanding the article's information is often not an easy task. ClimbToChange seeks to link these two communities in a single platform and spread verified and updated information about climate change.

How I built it

We used React and JavaScript to build this project for a mobile platform.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge that we encountered was familiarizing ourselves with React and JavaScript. We each had to dedicate a lot of time into tutorials and transferring those new skills into our envisioned project. In addition, encountering and fixing the bugs we had little to no experience with added a layer of difficulty to the process.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are all proud of tackling a project using an unfamiliar language and coming out of the event with a minimum viable product that satisfies our early requirement.

What I learned

We (re)learned that making progress involves perseverance and consistent communication within the team.

What's next for ClimbToChange

Accessibility ClimbToChange plans on implementing a Leaderboard

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