pushing peer to use clean energy

this application is fairly simple , base on certain input such a make , model, year, mileage driven, and motor type I was able to generate the money someone would have save by driving an electric vehicle rather than gasoline. At this rate if we don ' t do something for this planet we are living on , who will?.


the application can also generate a map base on the user location with all the charging station nearby with their info as the user touch the markers, this will display ifo such as phone number, address, email, schedule etc....


i plan to add new things to the app such as self awareness of driving pattern, a graph of the saving from potential weeks to months.

what did i learn

It was my first time dealing with excessive amount of data, i litteraly had to do data mining in order to gather all the information necesarry to do the computation of the actual saving, and that based on data that are constantly changing such as gas prices. I am using a total of 7 API in this project, some of them giving me only xml data.

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