My sister has lupus and has to see doctors across multiple health systems. She has a limited amount of energy but has to spent countless hours making sure her doctors get her updated lab reports, medication list, and condition summary. Her doctors don't always look through the pages of information that she gives them and this frustrates her immensely.

We've talked to ~50 patients who have similar issues. Patients with chronic conditions have to navigate a complex medical system and feel lost, hopeless, and confused. The need for patients is strong

Meanwhile, the number of deaths caused by medical errors is on the rise. A contributing factor is the confounding amount of data that is becoming available through the proliferation of EMRs. More data does not lead to better outcomes unless we can help doctors focus on what is most important

What it does

1) Empowers patients to request their records from all previous providers 2) Obtains records on behalf of patients 3) Allows patients to easily send records to new providers 4) Creates a dossier for providers that summarizes the most important information on each patient, with references to the page in the actual document that contains the information

How we built it

Our build is purely a mockup at this point

Challenges we ran into

Who do we get to pay for this! The need is very strong for some patients (e.g. those going to Mayo clinic), but not everyone can afford to go to a premium provider. This solution should help lead to better outcomes, but it will take time and a large number of patients to demonstrate that

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our beta site is the first step along the way to creating a single submission that empowers patients to collect all of their records from disparate provider sources. We've spent the weekend talking with potential users as well as medical professionals who are super excited about our product.

What we learned

The world of medical records transfer is a significant pain point for the providers receiving new patients. Existing solutions burden physicians with massive, unorganized, unstructured stacks of digital paperwork. Clarity Health works for providers too, by creating helpful summaries and reformatting documents to save time and improve care.

What's next for Clarity Health

The next step is taking the Clarity Health product to the users who need it most: patients with complex medical conditions, especially those at the Mayo Clinic. We're planning visits to meet our users where they are, which will allow us to improve the Clarity Health product.

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