Portable Drums

Turn your smartphone and Gear 1 or 2 (neo) smartwatch into a mobile percussion. Compose pieces of music whenever inspiration strikes you or just beat the rhythm to the music together with your friends! Motion Gestures

Clap Drums is using build-in sensors inside smartphone and smartwatch to detect patterns when you clap different parts of your body.



All you have to do is: - open Clap Drums app and put your phone inside your pocket (upside down and screen side touching your leg) - open accompanying gear 1/2 (neo) app - clap your legs in different places to activate different percussion sounds (follow the tutorial or watch demonstration video)


Use either phone build-in speaker (with high volume) or plugged headset. 6 different sounds and 6 different patterns can be activated at the same time including: - bass pedal - snare drum - tom drum - ride - slash - crash


Use build-in player to play sample music. You can toggle playing drum track of a given song. Use full mixed tracks to get familiar with the rhythm - turn off drum tracks to start clapping it by yourself!


When you play one of the sample songs your smartwatch will show you the drum notes animated on the canvas. Use it as a guide to master your play.

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