is the first app to combine all the subway information you rely on with the real time business information you care about. CityMaps shows all subway lines, upcoming train times, and service change updates every 10 minutes so you’ll get there on time.

AC3: Then CityMaps shows you what’s happening where you are, right now. The bar on the corner just tweeted an awesome happy hour special. And the comedy club up the street just posted a Groupon deal for 87% off. A quick check of the menu for the French restaurant down the block, and with a click your OpenTable reservations are made. Decide to take in a movie after dinner and you can easily buy tickets with up-to-date times and trailers, linked to Fandango. Because after all, that's why New Yorkers take the subway in the first place. To get you that next great restaurant, museum or show

With CityMaps you’ll get all the real-time subway info you need, but when you’re getting off the subway, CityMaps is just getting started.

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