I wanted to make a small Christmas gift for my friends who don't live close by

What it does

It's extremely simple, I just wanted to make it so that users can tell the program("Santa") what they want for Christmas and give a list of items to the program. The program then spits out the list and asks them if they were good or not this year, and accordingly prints a message before exiting the program.

How I built it

I used C++ to build this short program.

Challenges I ran into

As this was my first C++ program, learning how to navigate C++ string facilities and "vector.h" methods as opposed to how I'm used to in C was very time-consuming. In addition, I had a hard time printing out the vector's strings properly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of managing to efficiently read in Christmas list items using "getline()" in a while loop.

What I learned

I learned that C++ is confusing and hard to use

What's next for ChristmasProgram

For further development, I plan to focus on finding a better way to stop input of the Christmas List, and expansion of the program to do things like have different prompts for girls, boys, men, and women, etc.

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