The world always needs more beautiful music, and we wanted to inspire the next generation of possible musicians by showing them how easy music can be.

It has 14 buttons on the top, 7 that play 3 part harmonies in C (the key not the language), and the other 7 that play 4 part harmonies. In the text box we assigned numbers 1-7 to their corresponding note in the scale/key of C. Upon pressing these keys, the corresponding pitch will sound. Chords can be constructed this way. Then we explained some very simple music theory concepts.

We used MIT licensed sound generator and used it to show what can be done with just 7 notes.

We challenged ourselves. We used new development tools and forced ourselves to learn. We hit at least four hard stop dead ends that couldn't be salvaged.

We did the project running a skeleton crew. We got to try a lot of new ways to attack a problem. We discovered a feature from a bug.

We learned everything. We had no experience in Javascript prior to this weekend, and used the hackathon as a good excuse to pursue uncharted waters. We experimented with a number of IDE's as well as the initial difficulty of learning the language.

Chord-Maker is currently the first version. The plan is to get it on mobile devices and add as many advanced features as possible (ie. Flats and sharps, chord recognition, music theory lessons, and much much more).

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