NASA missions are famous but how much do we actually know about them? We wanted to delve deeper into these missions by creating an interactive trivia game based on the Apollo lunar missions.

What it does

We made a "choose your own adventure" game where the player goes through scenarios that an astronaut would experience on an actual space mission. The webapp includes actual information, original pictures and authentic audio files of the Apollo missions. As the user plays the game, they learn facts about the real missions while they complete their own.

How I built it

Javascript, CSS, HTML, jQuery, API

Challenges I ran into

Organization was a difficulty since we had so many files and five different people working on it and then we had to piece it all back together again and make sure it works.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Three out of five members on our team had never been to a hackathon before and barely knew how to code. We didn't even know each other. We learned to code and banded together to make an awesome project.

What I learned

We learned to code and banded together to make an awesome project.

What's next for Choose Your Own Space Adventure

We want to make more scenarios and hopefully even include other NASA missions. We also want to improve the user's experience of navigating through the game.

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