This story has almost been a work in progress for the past year since I (Ellen) decided to study information analytics along with my marketing degree. Every situation where our main character is addressing the women in his life has happened to me in some way or another. We really wanted this story to show that even good people can negatively impact women in STEM and that sometimes those actions aren't as obvious as we like to think they would be.

How we built it

Dylan is a master writer. And artist. We spent about an hour in the morning plotting out our story and how it would impact different endings. I worked on HTML, CSS, and Javascript to build the story.

Challenges we ran into

I barely know Javascript. I learned HTML and CSS last semester when I took a class through the TAM department, but I only knew the very basics of Javascript. It took me almost an hour to get that first button to work. I also tried to assign point values to different choices so that the ending could be impacted more significantly by different options but was unfortunately unable to accomplish this task in the given time frame.

Dylan says his challenge was that there wasn't a pencil sharpener for his colored pencils so they gave him an Exacto knife. The Exacto knife was really dull.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

WE MADE IT! I'm also just proud of how much I learned.

What we learned

We participated in the Intro to Web Development Workshop where Dylan was able to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript for fun! He wasn't all that helpful still as far as coding goes, but we had a fun time! I learned so much about Javascript through this project. Google was also my best friend. I really only knew how to make a button when I started CYOA Bro so I'm glad that there were so many tutorials out there and that some of the ideas that I tried actually worked.

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