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Chibi Attack!

All the chibis in Chibiston were happy until Mega-Chibi, who was the least chibiest of all the chibis, got tired of being so big and traveled far and wide until he found an evil spell to cast on the good little chibis of Chibiston.

Fortunately, our hero Chib-Chibi, who was the chibiest of all the chibis, was not in Chibiston at the time. She was busy chibi’ing away out in her field like the honest hard chibi’ing chibi she was.

Chibi Attack! is a light hearted 3D VR catapult game where Chib-Chibi flings herself at her nemesis Mega-Chibi and his evil minions while screaming things like “Chibo!”, “Chibat!”, and “Chibi pawuh!” in a funny voice.

Controls - Controller Required

  • Hold (.) to see the trajectory prediction.
  • Aim with the joystick.
  • Release to fire!


  • Boom Blox
  • Crush the Castle
  • Angry Birds

Known Issues

  • Trajectory prediction arc is always on to help judges get thru the entire game quickly.
  • Blob drop shadows and light mapping were disabled for performance reasons. Will probably get them working again when Unity 5 support is ready.
  • Framerate can drop when there’s many particle effects on screen. This is actually kind of cool to see blocks fall in slow-mo. Again, Unity 5 may help.
  • Camera wall clip protection was disabled due to it affecting only one eye camera. (Which was rather uncomfortable.)
  • After doing a full play thru the phone crashed hard after completing the last levels (20 and 21). Battery had to be removed to fix. This happened twice and may be due to an overheat.
  • If you let someone else try this game, you might not get it back for a while.

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