recently started playing chess, its a fun game specially playing with friend since we all suck at it

What it does

Its an offline graphic chess game that has almost everything(hopefully it works) ,apart from draw by repetition and en passant and draw / surrended button

How we built it

using python and pygame for handling the graphic side and collisions

Challenges we ran into

I wish I knew a library existed but again that would have removed the fun from coding the game

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works(most of the time), Its my first graphic game and I didnt a thing in like 8 months so I was happy to see I can still code(barely that is)

What we learned

fundamentals of pygame library and linking graphic to code was pretty fun

What's next for chess

draw by repetition using some kind of hashmap better graphics and indications optimise the game and a cleaner code

Built With

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