Social and Courting norms for thousands of years have missed a KEY element - DNA markers - when it comes to matching people thereby missing an opportunity to invigorate and fortify healthy DOMINANT genes and reducing health risks.

What it does

  1. Allows users to anonymously sequence and use their DNA & ATTRACTION markers to match with potential mates.
  2. Allows users to monetize their DATA
  3. Allows users to pay potential matches to allow deeper profile view (as opposed to paying the app owners)
  4. Delete user-owned-data directly

How we built it

  1. SOMN - DNA sequencing compute resources
  2. iOS - Front End
  3. InterBIT - User data and deletion
  4. Stellar - Payments

Challenges we ran into

Building any useful thing using blockchain/wallets/services in less than 24 hours is hard...very hard.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the idea solidified and just going through the journey and rigors of building is very satisfying.

What we learned

Ability to delete data (Power to the user) should be a fundamental right (irrespective of whether its stored on an immutable ledger or not)

What's next for checkMATE / choromosoMATE

  1. Build deeper integration for DNA sequencing and extended gene-markers.
  2. Better UI/UX

Built With

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