Checkapp wear is a monitoring and notification system to keep patients informed of their vitals as well as reminding them to take their medication.

How it works

It has a preloaded profile of your health. It can be loaded a medical prescription and remind a patient to take their medicine on time as well as tracking refills.

Challenges & Accomplishments

UX Research. Cognitive walkthrough with users responses to new interactions
Demographic study of user needs
Personas and user scenarios validation
User Testing


Medication schedule and refills notifications pre-installed to track treatment completion
Health metrics tracking notifications and log to generate more accurate medical record
Direct access to emergency contacts, family and doctors

Conversational and (single Tap/Swipe) Micro Interactions targeted to older generation users

What's next for Check app wear

Funding and Going to Market
Indie Gogo/ Kickstarter campaign coming soon

Built With

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