With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we saw a problem that needs fixing, which is finding cheap dates. College students can barely afford to buy ramen noodles, let alone go to some 3 Michelin star restaurant to impress their significant other. While there are lots of blog post online with top 100 lists of cheap date ideas, they are very broad and don't get any input from the user. The date possibilities in a large city like New York are going to be vastly different than a small college down or across the country in Los Angeles.

What it does

Our project seeks to solve some of the problems listed above by bringing the same convenience of having a list of cheap date ideas, all while being specific to the users desires and location.

How we built it

The project is a webapp, so as normal there was a front-end and back-end. The front-end was developed using html, bootstrap, javascript(jquery). The backend is all made in python, but has 2 parts. The first is the data gatherer, using Google Maps API. The second part is the sorting of that data to condense it into the 3 best possible date ideas based on a variety of factors.

Challenges we ran into

Data was a challenge here. There aren't any large database that already exist matching date ideas to location categories, so there was less possibilities to use deep machine learning to make a robust generator.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As always with a Hackathon, finishing a project in 24 hours is always an accomplishment on it's own. Technically wise, the integration with the different facets of the Google Maps API as well as efficient parsing and filtering was a great accomplishment.

What we learned

We learned a lot about the Google Cloud API's in general, particularly the Maps API.

What's next for CheapValentine.Space

Doing more data labelling and covering more categories of date ideas would be great given more time. Also, doing more in-depth web scraping on each location to find out what truly makes each one special would be a valuable attribute.

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