The idea is simple: if we could make donating to charity something we can better relate to, chances are we'd be doing it a whole lot more.

You can think of Charitable as the for charity; the idea is to send curated reports each month based on your own spending, and relate that to how you might make donations. For example: "this month you spent $350 on eating out, give just 20% of this to feed a family who can't feed themselves (Call to action)".

Over the weekend of YC hacks I (in my one man band) have been working hard to integrate with the beta release of's banking API. I have been successfully in building a basic proof concept, which allows you to log in with a range of banks, and produces a simple set of recommendations based on your spending.

Going forward I'd like to open this up to add various causes, which would be selected based on your spending to give a greater level of personalisation. Similarly, I'd like to further use the transaction data to refine recommendations, e.g. via recognising particular spending habits and how that money might make more impact elsewhere.

I hope you like the product!

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