## Inspiration The willingness and innovative openness of Constellation Brands with their products

## What it does Creates a visual representation for further customer knowledge of products

## How we built it Initially visualizing our product/vision through Figma and Unity. Using the C# language on XCode, we integrated it into Unity with the ARKit Plugin.

## Challenges we ran into On bugs within 2018 version of Unity and it's incompatibility with producing a functional interface with ARKit Plugin.

## Accomplishments that we're proud of Bonus of add-on customer interaction ability to comment on product using AR.

## What we learned There are multiple ways to develop and create a product despite obstacles on certain platforms causing delay in product development.

## What's next for CFantasy To gather customer data to enhance company's market insights and demographics. In addition, to also be able to apply its functionalities to other brands and products under CBrands such as its Cannabis Endeavours across the border.

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