This add-on for Catch Notes – the notepad app that lets you capture, organize and share the things that matter – provides a sketching feature in the app for the Galaxy Note.

The sketching feature lets you draw a note in Catch with the Samsung pen or your finger. Sketch a diagram to convey your ideas in a more visual way, draw a picture, or jot down a few words quickly in the same way you would with a sticky note or napkin. Sketch on top of your images! Add a background image (from camera or gallery) by pressing the Menu key and selecting "Set background".

Keep your sketches with you on all your devices thanks to seamless cloud backup from

You can select different pen types, thickness, and colors, undo or erase strokes.

Catch is free to download, and is required for this add-on. You will be directed to download it if you don't already have it.

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