We wanted to create a web app that rewarded positive discussion with cats.

What it does

Cat Chat is an online chat room. When a user enters text, the message is scanned for positive or negative words. If positive, the user's score increases which leads to more cool cat gifs. We are hoping that by giving a reward for positive behavior, we can discourage online harassment. It also has a spooky Halloween mode.

How I built it

We created the webapp with mostly javascript and php. The php code writes and reads from a text file which holds the messages in place of a database. Javascript was used for pretty much everything else. We used amazon web services to host the site.

Challenges I ran into

It was the first time building a webapp for everyone on the team. Learning how to use html, css, and javascript was very challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Cat gifs. Lots and lots of cat gifs.

What I learned

Javascript, html, css, php, and using amazon web services.

What's next for Cat Chat

A more extensive algorithm for determining if a message is positive or negative. More cat gifs and more holiday themes.

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