Cartwheel Register is a free smartphone app for merchants that lets them set up a store and accept payments securely without any additional hardware. Not even a swiper. Furthermore, Cartwheel Register accesses and distills big data into a simple tool that will help merchants sustainably grow their businesses with unprecedented marketing and loyalty capabilities.

We've also integrated a more secure way for consumers to pay merchants using Cartwheel Register, through Skip Wallet - our cloud-based mobile wallet. Skip Wallet will let consumers pay without sacrificing any financial information and will conveniently store receipts in the cloud, to be searched or retrieved at any point in the future. Skip Wallet takes the best facets of payment systems used around the world, from maintaining reward points attached to credit cards, to higher security via tokenization and PIN-based transaction. Skip Wallet provides unmatched freedom for consumers to go about their day in transactional harmony. Best of all, while smartphones are indeed incredible, a phone is not required to pay with Skip Wallet.

Simple. Secure. Cartwheel Register and Skip Wallet are the mobile wallet ecosystem everyone has been waiting for.

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