Car Share is a peer to peer vehicle sharing interface. Users search for and select a vehicle in their area. After payment verification they are granted entry via our mobile key app.

This is the starter kit for iOS SDK with Swift.

This kit contains a simple iOS application that displays car information using Smartcar's iOS SDK and Swift.


Before we get started, create an application on Smartcar's Developer Dashboard to get your API keys.

Note: On the dashboard, you will want to set your redirect_uri as 'sc' + clientId + '://exchange'.

Then, we can set these constants in Constants.swift -

struct Constants {
    static let clientId = "<your-client-id>";

Next, we need to setup the custom URL scheme in the Info.plist -


Before setting up the client code, make sure to set up the server code. You can use any of our following back-end SDKs -

Follow the setup instructions in the back-end README except for the redirect_uri. Make sure the redirect_uri environment variable in the back-end directory is the same as the one we have set above.

Now that the server is ready, you can set up the client (the React application).

Set the server uri in Constants.swift. This should be from your back-end directory and is set to http://localhost:8000 by default.

static let appServer = "<app-server>"

Make sure you have cloned this repo -

$ git clone
$ cd getting-started-ios-sdk/app

To install the required dependencies -

$ pod install

Launch the getting-started-ios-sdk.cxworkspace and run the iOS simulator within XCode! In our current set up, we are using Smartcar's test mode, so you can log in with any username and password and you will see information of a simulated vehicle.

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