Card Count - Agora Hackathon Submission

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Card Count is similar to the children's game "Slapjack", with a few notable differences. Rather than looking for Jack cards, the players look for "Key Pairs", which are defined as

  • Cards with the same number (ie 4 of Hearts, 4 of Spades)

  • Incrementing Cards (ie 4 of Hearts, 5 of spades)

The objective of the game is to audibly call out whenever a key pair is dealt on the screen. The first player to call out the key pair will receive a point.

How it's made

Using the SDK, I quantify large discrepancies in audio volume to detect when a player has yelled "Slap" or called out a key pair. Additionally, a group video call is made with each player on the site and any new players will be added to the existing video call.

To ensure that a player's laptop computer does not die while the game is in progress, I use the Agora SDK to get current battery percentage and alert players to leave the game between turns if they are below a certain battery threshold.


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