Coming from Ohio and Texas respectively, the NY parking laws boggle our brains! "Can we park here today? Maybe only until noon? Oh- there's a hydrant there... Oh no, my meter ran out!!" We wanted to build an app in which people can help each other out to combat these parking tickets.

What it does

You enter the license plate of a car you see illegally parked, and if the owner of that car is a user of CarCommunity it will privately send him/her an email with the reason you chose. (ex: "You are parked on an alternate side!" or "You are parked by a hydrant!")

How we built it

We created our own API using Loopback and IBM API tools and every time a new user signs in, a JSON object is created in the API with his/her information. Then we used an HTML/CSS/Bootstrap/JS/PHP combo to create the web page with it's various different functions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As first time hackers, we can't believe we created this all in one night!! Wow!

What's next for CarCommunity

See the page on our web application titled 'Future Plans' and you will see all of our many future implementations! Let's go big!!

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