1. our laptops weren't looking good enough on idle
  2. ## What it does it is a focus app which can be used to work without distractions. it has a clock, to-do list, a sticky note, and customization using which you can switch between 8 colours. it has locally hosted lofi songs which can be play/paused/changed. we also added auth using which users' to-do lists and notes can be saved for their next work session. also, AESTHETICS ## How we built it we used django for the back-end and HTML, CSS and JS for the front end. we used tailwind for the framework we sat in our room for 2 days and banged our heads on the wall ## Challenges we ran into merging html/js was pain also you can't live share django?????? we're 1.5 hours away from the deadline and we're crying come see

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we learnt how to build something while being under pressure pulled an all-nighter after submitting math assignment

What we learned

front-end design minimalism

What's next for capybara-todo

we're gonna implement weather and music APIs add more customization (drag and drop) host it somewhere (we tried but broke the code 3 times)

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