In our campus we had so many buses it seems like a bus terminal. Students faces sometimes problem to get authentic schedule and sometimes missed bus. Then I thought about that system to develop by which students can get authentic bus schedule and can see real time bus location on google map whether the bus is yet in bus stop or not or now on which route.

What it does

  • show real time location
  • Admin can generate Bus schedule
  • Admin can publish notice
  • Show which bus has blank seat yet and how many

How I built it

I completed a training on , I used it to develop it.

Challenges I ran into

I developed it as a final project of my bachelor degree so I have not much time but I have so many ideas to increases its features. For GPS devices I have not much money that time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finally I completed my dream project and appreciated by my supervisor sir, senior teachers and externals.

What I learned

" If any one dream and have affection for it he can win anything "

What's next for Campus Transport Management System - CTMS

  • Auto attendance by developing Number plate reader .
  • Accounts section
  • Increase other features

Built With

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