I'm a student and it's often annoying that I have to go through the arduous process of doing the entire quadratic formula or any other type of formula for a small piece of information I need to solve the overarching problem while I'm doing homework or an assignment. I wanted a faster way to use the formulas I already knew how to use so I decided to automate it.

What it does

  1. User gives values based on what they need from the formula (solve for x, solve for final velocity, etc.)
  2. Website uses HTML to calculate the value
  3. Website returns value, i.e. the answer to the formula

How we built it <3 (and netlify)

Challenges we ran into

To make it short, outside distractions. Also I wanted to make sure the code was as efficient and coherent as possible was a challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The colour-changing background! And putting in a Spotify playlist for the first time! Really simple but very cool feature imo.

What we learned

I learned about how to use forms and variables in HTML and JS, and a lot more about CSS than I expected.

What's next for calculatia

Develop it to support more formulas. Worst-case scenario it'll just be a bookmark on my browser to help me out with math homework. Also, make it look better

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