What is BX Power?

BX Power controls your WiFi and mobile data connections in order to conserve battery power, save on your mobile data plan, and improve the overall Internet experience.

How does it work?

BX Power will switch on and off your Internet connection depending on when it is needed. Once you unlock your device, BX Power will choose the best connectivity option in your current location and quickly enable it. Once the screen is off, the Internet will be shut down to conserve the power, and periodically re-enabled to check for new e-mails, Facebook updates, etc.


  • Automatically turns on and off the WiFi and Mobile Data connections
  • Supports 4G / 3G / 2G mobile connections (LTE / HSPA / EVDO / EDGE / GPRS)
  • Always chooses the best connectivity option
  • Quickly disables WiFi if not available or no IP connectivity
  • Supports periodic synchronization for new e-mails, etc.
  • Supports "Night mode" - no updates during sleep
  • Uses sensors to detect user mobility
  • Supports roaming, tethering, and airplane mode
  • Simple to use - no configuration required
  • Works with almost all Android devices (tested on Android 2.3 till 4.4)
  • Free of charge, no ads

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