Personally, I am a pretty disorganized, and even tools such as planners prove to be useless to me because I often just forget to check the planner, and other reminder systems are either not intelligent enough or are a hassle to set up. I have tried everything from google calendar to trello, and all of the other time management systems, and they just dont work efficiently enough. Google Calendar notifications get annoying and repetitive to the point where they can be ignored, etc. Thats why, we set out to create a time management app like no other.

What it does

Butlr presents tasks to you based on designated locations. You can organize tasks by places, such as Home, Work, Grocery Store, etc. and Butlr will present you with your saved lists for each individual location when you arrive at the said location. When you get home, Butlr will present you with the list you created specifically for home, which would include tasks such as take out the trash, wash the dishes, watch a movie with your family, etc. For work, the list might include things like meeting dates and times, reports, other assignments, etc. and when you come to work, Butlr will automatically present you your itinerary for the day. Driving and you forget to get milk on the way? No problem. Butlr will even handle that for you by sending you a text message to remind you to complete that task. Also, like a good butler, when you start running, Butlr will remind you to run a recommended based on what scientific studies show is good amount of running for a healthy lifestyle. Instead of setting manual alarms for each specific event, or manually putting things on your calendar, which takes a lot of time, Butlr streamlines the entire process.

Butlr helps you manage your life, so you can do the things you love.

How I built it

We built an iOS app, a Node.JS server to run Twilio and manage requests between the phone and twilio, used neura to handle predictions for what the user is doing. Together, these things make up Butlr.

Challenges I ran into

Since we did not know about this hackathon till about 2 days ago, we had very little time to build a product that could compete with people that had been working for maybe months. In addition, our team is fairly new to iOS development, and had to learn a lot of things as we went along.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of, and What we learned

We learned to use the Neura SDK, and learned a lot of new things in iOS developments, and we are extremely proud of the fact that we finished in such little time.

What's next for Butlr

In the future, Butlr could have another version that would accept tasks from other people. For example, instead of you adding your own tasks, your boss could assign you meeting times and other tasks that would automatically be added to your task lists. In addition, if you are a high schooler like us, your parents could assign you chores to do around the house easily through the app, so you dont "forget" when you get home, along with teachers assigning homework and more. In addition, similar to trello, Butlr could have group tasks where a group of people, such as students working on a project or people working on a work related project.The possibilities with other people being able to assign you tasks is endless, and would result in a time management app like no other, especially with the help of Neura's contextual SDK.

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