There are no one who wouldn't like Monopoly game and Clash of Clan. So taking the Monopoly's business strategic play and Clash of Clan's territorial expansion strategic play, we built a real world game playing which users won't get bored.

Contest is to build an app that make money through contextual ads and games naturally would have more user engagement and thus more money. Thus we created this game.

What it does

Game rules are simple, implement whatever strategies you want to stay on top list of tycoons by buying real businesses around you while saving yourselves from threats from other tycoons and mafia. Find complete game rules here Game Rules

We have built Contextual Ad Engine inside this game which has capability of learning user's daily pattern and target the users with their behavior specific ads, which users could not resist claiming the offers from ads. Contextual Ad Engine renders mobile banner ads as well as in-app messaging ads at right time to the user so that the users who engage with the game will most likely to engage with the ads.

Basically contextual ad engine takes data signals and analysis points like current weather around the user, location at which user is at the moment, user's activities, are his fellow players nearby, user age and gender, does user stays up late night playing game, is it time for food etc... And it responds with the contextual ads whenever an Context Ads Recipe is matched. Context Ads Recipes are the conditions which would drive raw context data obtained from trnql SDK and user actions, in to smarter data to make the app understand the real world of the user and respond smartly according to that. For example, If the user woke up after staying up late in the night, weather is cold around and user is near to cafe, Contextual Ad Engine with this recipe, would show the users with ads messages like Night owl, grab a cup of hot coffee at {cafe name} just {distance} away. Find out more recipes at Context Ads Recipe.

Also find other ads screenshots here

With these kind of games users would get a to know about real businesses and point of interests around them, which in turn has more potential of making money from ads. For example, people tend to claim offers from the businesses they know about, over the ads more than some unknown businesses.

How I built it

Software and tools used are,

  1. trnql SDK for Android
  2. Android
  3. Android Studio
  4. Photoshop
  5. Parse

trnql services used

  1. Smart Location: To track users live location.
  2. Smart Places: To get all nearby businesses.
  3. Smart People: To find out fellow players nearby. To make game and ads more social.
  4. Smart Weather: For weather awareness to the Contextual Ad Engine.
  5. Smart Activity: To sense user activities like walking or still.

Challenges I ran into

Building memory efficient game without memory leaks was a bit challenging task, but we strive hard to make it as lightweight as possible.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We never thought we would ever build a game and contextual ad engine in our lives. Due to trnql's contest and their SDK, today we are able to build one. *I am feeling like next AdSense company. ;) *Winks **

What I learned

How to tackle memory leaks, how efficient trnql SDK is, how to build a game.

Testimonial for trnql SDK

Building a game and contextual ad engines in shorter time is no joke. But with trnql SDK the development work was just no brainier. We really enjoyed working with trnql SDK as it reduced our development process. Without trnql it wouldn't be possible to build a game and context engine in just one week, and we are happy we trnql made it possible.

What's next for Business Empire, Play in Real World

This game with such a huge potential for making money, I am going to hire a designer and get professional design for this game and market the app. This is going to be our cash cow for our bootstrapped startup. Cheers :) Stay tuned

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