Business cards are great for exchanging contact information quickly, but there are a lot of inconveniences associated with physical business cards. They clutter our wallets and are easily lost. Printing business cards also costs money, and the only option for correcting mistakes or updating information is to reprint them. Therefore, we wanted to make a tool that helps users exchange and store contact information easily.

What it does

CardConnect takes pictures of business cards and auto-fills contact information on to the app.
You can also fill in your own information to share with others. We also have a contacts page that stores all of the business cards you have.

How we built it

We thought that a smartphone app would be convenient since most people have smartphones, and we decided to use react native so that we could make apps on both iOS and android.

Challenges we ran into

None of us have experience with React or React Native, so getting started was a little difficult.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud that we challenged ourselves by working on a project using a new programing language and framework. All the team members have zero experience working with javascript and react native. It was definitely a difficult process for all of us; however, we all gained valuable experiences. We are proud that all the team members are brave to explore something new.

What we learned

We learned that prototyping for the mobile app, and discussing the project beforehand was helpful. Also using Git was helpful in keeping all of our changes in sync.

What's next for Business Card Wallet

We would like to be able to have our app create contacts in the phone's default contacts list.

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