LIVE information for over 20,000 bus stops. SAVE TIME & ELIMINATE STRESS: No more waiting around at bus stops. You can plan your journey to perfection knowing which route will be the fastest AND when your bus will arrive.

Designed for Samsung Galaxy Gear S, simple and straightforward to use.

You’ll never have to run for a bus again!

  • Search by route number or bus stop code.
  • Unlike Android apps, you don't need to dig into your pocket to check the next bus on your mobile
  • You can easily check it on your watch even if you are on the go.
  • Don’t know where you are? The app will find the bus stops nearby and tell you when the next bus is due.
  • Favourites. This function will enable the user to store the routes he or she is using regularly. No need to search again.

Definitely this can be one of the most useful apps for Galaxy Gear 2. The advantage of using this kind of app with the smart-watch instead of mobile phone is that you can check buses on the go. You can walk and just raise your arm to have the time and place for your bus.

If I win prize in challenge, I plan to add more cities to the Samsung Galaxy Apps. My goal is to build this kind of application for all major cities in the world (like Seoul, San Francisco, Warsaw etc), which have real time bus system information. Please check the video to see what is my vision of next improvements.

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