It was a pain to have to communicate to members in our organization, we tried different solutions but nothing seemed to solve our problem exactly, so we decided to solve the problem ourselves.

What it does

See video. Burst is a tool that the leadership of an organization can use to send out mass text messages to groups of individuals within the organization. These messages can be personalized and the recipient will never know that they are part of a mass text. When a recipient replies to a message sent through burst, the user will receive a notification and he/she can use the application to reply to any incoming messages without any of the other recipients ever actually being involved. All of the data is stored within the system so that a user can look back at past messages and see what has transpired. Burst makes managing the communication process within organizations simple.

How we built it

We built both a web-based and mobile application for Burst. For the mobile application, we used Ionic along with Angular. For the web-based version, we used Spring MVC, Groovy, and Angular. We used MongoDB on AWS for all data and used Twilio to send and receive messages.

Challenges we ran into

Angular is a bit more difficult piece together than jQuery however is much more robust once you put it together. Additionally, debugging mobile apps is more time consuming than traditional desktop apps. While focusing on debugging the mobile version of our app, we expended a lot of energy that we did not properly account for. Also, programming on little sleep can be difficult!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have developed a robust and responsive platform as a service that is ready to be used by the masses or integrated into an existing project.

What we learned

Our team learned how well our unique skills contributed to the success of this project. We also learned how great the Hackathon community can be.

What's next for Burst

We will continue to add features so that Burst can better serve potential users

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