I've always had this idea to basically create a Buffer for Uber - schedule your future rides and just relax. Some use cases that I can see myself and many others use Bumper in:

  • When in a meeting, you can't take your phone out to call an Uber. Simply schedule the previous night and be focused in the meeting.
  • Walk out of the airport like a boss when your flight lands so you don't have to wait around for your Uber.
  • Need to get out of a party? Set the request time and "Oh look, my ride is here. I have to go now.". You are welcome. :)

I am also working on a mobile app for Uber drivers that is essentially an open (anonymous) database of scheduled rides around them. They'll be able to see a relative heatmap of the area around them and manipulate them based on some time range in the future ("what are the red zones in the next 4 hours around me"). This will help them better use their driving time, carry more passengers and make more money.

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