I felt that since you can never have enough cat pictures, a site that sends cat images straight to your email will benefit the world.

What it does

Fill out the google form on the website (, and receive an email within a short time with your cat picture alongside a friend!

How I built it

I used Github to host my domain as well as store folders, and used Atom to write my code. I then developed the simple webpage, and since it is only a prototype I did not spend too much time on this. I created a Google Form to store data on a Google Spreadsheet, and used a Google App Script (which uses javascript) to send the automated emails.

Challenges I ran into

A major challenge was getting started, since I am new to app design and did everything from scratch. The project itself is simple, and I already had a fair background in using the various languages so those weren't an issue, but rather the logistics of creating a full-stack app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that I got my website to become somewhat functional.

What I learned

I learned one easy method in which to compile data.

What's next for Building a Bridge to a Better World with Cat Pictures

I want to add more to the website itself, and maybe add some way to filter through the cat pictures which people send (so that negative images are removed) and add it to the website.

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