Build Pulse 🏢


🚀 Our goal is to provide property managers with top-end visualizations, allowing them to gain meaningful insights from their data.

What it does

Build Pulse is a property maintenance software with three powerful modules:

  1. Visualization Module 📊

    • Create customizable visualizations with ease.
    • Choose from various chart types like pie, line, or bar charts.
    • Select the time duration to analyze data.
    • Filter by manufacturer or specific asset for tailored insights.
  2. Prediction Analysis Module 🧠

    • Leverage machine learning to predict future repairs.
    • Input manufacturer, room, and floor data to get expected repair estimates.
  3. Ticket Status Module 🎫

    • Get real-time updates on all open maintenance tickets.

How we built it

🔧 We built Build Pulse using the following technologies:

  • Frontend: React and Recharts for visualizations.
  • Backend: Python for machine learning models.
  • Database: Google Cloud PostgreSQL.
  • Model Development: Jupyter Notebook.

Challenges we ran into

🤯 Integrating the frontend with the backend was a significant challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

🎉 We're proud of successfully completing the entire hackathon as a team. It was the first in-person hackathon experience for all of us, and it pushed us to our limits.

What we learned

🧠 Throughout this project, we learned the importance of teamwork and collaboration. We also gained valuable experience with new technologies, including Google Cloud and Recharts.

What's next for Build Pulse

🚀 The journey doesn't end here! We plan to enhance Build Pulse further by adding features like data export downloading options, and advanced predictive analytics.

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