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What I learned:

design with empathy, handpick users, handcraft user experience

go to your users meet them one by one, get to know them and make something directly for them

show up, spend time with them, touch points, did not meet users/slept with them, get feedback early

what could we to surprise you, what could we do to make you tell everyone about it (not to make it better but tell everyone), product of your dreams

one star, two star, ten star, experience (design perfect and then scale that experience) (appropriate level of magic’

fully empathize with ansingkemyser and worry about everyone

design ideal user experience, handcraft, pay passionate attention to users, identify that magical thing that can scale

hire hollywood storyboard to ideal customer, scaling is a video game level up, find one user and create the ideal customer for them, end to end experience like a movie, blueprint, deepy move better than any experience

let ideas unfold chaotically

if you want to invent something new or reinvent something, atva spectacyular order of magnititude, you have to suppress manage,ent. let employees pusue wild to raise your eyebrows. its not for you to judge its not up to you to judge whether they are good or bad its up to the employees through free experimentation

hire smart creative types, a culture of experimentation, set up a decision making framework that enables scale the best ideas without delay (share information across the organisatiom

keep trying but change tactics, modify strategy, think differently about how to solve the problem

“The advent of AI, genetics (if you can solve diseases, alzheimers with genetic reprogramming), a high bandwidth interface to the brain (digital tertiary cell) (interface between neuro cortex and tertiary) “The odds of success are less than 10%”

What is the industry with the largest marketshare in the world? What is the fastest growing industry in the world? What product or service has the highest volume in that fastest growing industry? What is a product or service that will change humanity by an order of magnitude? What is a traditional industry we must transform? What is the fastes growing industry year-over-year?

“What gets me up in the morning - Epic problem solving, scaling organizations, inventing the future, having fun doing it everyday! ”

Run rate Billion dollar metric Go-to sales strategy Partnerships (50 100k deals) Solution sales strategy Add on product strategy Big deal growth metric

On growth:

According to Andrew Chen of Silicon Valley (who worked on Uber Growth/Partner at A16Z)

“Paid acquisition, virality, sales, partnerships with blogs and youtubers, getting friends and family to know, emailing and posting in our local community (college and alumni lists), guest writing on niche blogs, cold e-mailing potential influencers, engaging over Twitter, Reddit, forums, contests and giveaways, getting covered in niche press outlets and tech press.”

For SEO, “create a ton of unique content, in the form of Q&A, articles, long form reviews, we might end up with millions of unique pages that in turn attract hundreds of millions who are searching for the content via Yelp, Rap Genius, Stack Overflow).”

Network effects, branding, proprietary technology, ..

“ambitious people should strive to create new things in the world that have the potential to move humanity forward by an order of magnitude. We should be creating one of something, where there was a zero before “

“Back in 95, there weren’t many people on the internet. And certainly nobody was making any money at all. Most people thought the internet was going to be a fad.”

“So this is an atm. What we’re going to do is transform the traditional banking industry. I think could be a multibillion dollar bonanza. Because, if you look at the industry that x is pursuing, it’s the biggest sector of the world economy.”

“Raising 50 million dollars is a matter a few phone calls and the money is there.”

“We’ll 3 years ago I was working in New York City for a quantitative hedge fund when I came across this startling statistic that web usage was growing at 2300% a year so I decided I would try to find a business plan that made sense in the context of that growth. And I picked books as the first best product online. After making a list of 20 products you might be able to sell. And books we’re great as the first best because books are incredibly unusual in one respect and that is that there’s more items in the book category than there items in any other category by far. Music is number 2 there’s about 200,000 active music CD’s in any given time. But in the book space, there’s more than 3 million worldwide books active printed at any given time in all languages. More than half a million in English alone. When you have that many items you can literally build a store online that couldn’t exist any other way and that’s important because the web is an infant technology.

"Honorability - what consists an honorable human? Awareness - how we extend human awareness? Purpose - How do future humans fit in? Mastery - Can we imagine something better? Reach - How far can we extend human reach? Potential - What are the true limits of human potential? Durability - Are we durable enough for the future?"

  • Clear target market
  • Deeply thought out idea
  • Doable idea
  • Narrow cut at something not complicated
  • Eminently duable
  • Linked to a market that is super sexy

Connecticut state business competition (4200?) and elevator pitch competition

What are the competitions

"One common fallacy is that machines are replacing people. The reality is that machines don't work without humans. A more accurate description is that a large number of people are being replaced by a smaller number of people using machines."

Bread and butter Being able to see them and tell a story Find the customer 4 c’s start with the customer How to talk to them, create value Seth Goden Rating system

Build microsites out

Write a board letter, board deck:

“(a) narrative format document (b) in the voice of the CEO (c) providing snapshot & depth of thinking around what's on their mind

beyond this, there's variance in length, format, etc”


There’s over 2,000 billionaires and 36 million millionaires worldwide. The website “TrustedInsight” lists the partners at billionaire family offices. They also show the names of institutional investors. I one time had someone at Mark Zuckerberg's Family Office reply. There’s also “Crunchbase” which displays the data/emails to VC’s, or “Givewell” (which is a platform Dustin Moskovitz (Facebook billionaire) uses to give money through).

There are probably individuals who’s philosophy might align with mind uploading. For example,

Martine Rothblatt / cofounder of Sirius XM with a networth of $380 million has written a book on the topic and does talks about fighting mortality. Perhaps she is willing to fund your 1.5 million goal. Her email is:

Places to meet billionaires according to a Business Insider article include “WEF Davos, Sundance Film Festival, Super Bowl, Yachts Miami Beach, Fashion Week (NYC, London, Milan), Dubai World Cup, The Masters, Cannes Film Festival, Monaco Grand Prix, Kentucky Derby, European Championship (soccer), Royal Ascot, Wimbledon, Venice International Fill Festival, The Olympics, Monaco Yacht Show, Singapore Grand Prix, Bal des Débantes, Opening Night/La Scala, Art Basel Miami, New Year’s St Barts.”

On scale/social media:

There’s enough opportunity on the internet to reach millions potentially, billions for advocacy & awareness. Facebook has 1.47 billion who sign in everyday. And Instagram has 1 billion users.

With Facebook Ads, the process according to an Oberlo video I was watching:

  1. Create an engagement ad (to gather data about your audience)
  2. Pick the big 5 (english speaking) (active credit cards) (U.S, New Zealand, Canada, UK, Australia) (type those in to the targetting)
  3. (Select a general interest, say “Atheism”) (click below to narrow audience say, “philanthropy” and “donating”.
  4. After 3-5 days narrow targetting to best performing countries.
  5. After engagement ads proceed into traffic and conversion ads.

*You can pay for a freelancer in Facebook Ad Optimization to do this for you. I saw an hourly rate of $65.

For Instagram, consider “following and unfollowing” users with an app in the Appstore called “Captivate”. It’s a $15 one time fee. You sign in with your account then can go to established pages in your industry with similar audience then “select all” and “follow”.

On top you can pay $29-$1,000’s for views/likes/followers via the website “Waverly Social”. Another option which I’m less familiar with is “Instobel”. These are helpful for social proof.


Fastest growing industries worldwide:

Biggest industries in the U.S:

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