Buddy Jane is a safe social media app for the cannabis community to connect with friends, share pictures, posts, explore new business offers, and many more. The app has been designed with more user-friendly aspects to connect and befriend people online to discover local offers to deliver.## What it does

The aim is to develop a social media networking mobile application wherein users can search and connect with their friends of the cannabis community to share/post everything. Also discover nearby local dispensaries, deliveries, brands, and events in map-view.

Successfully Developing and Implementing Buddy Jane mobile application wherein users can view posts of all users (including followers & following) and can like, comment, share, and report any post as abuse. Moreover, users can search for any user by username. Furthermore, users can locate nearby dispensaries, deliveries, brands, and events along with nearby buddies in map-view.

Additionally, users can select any follower from the list to initiate a one-to-one video session or select the self-video option so that all the followers of the user can view the live video. The users can chat (one-to-one with all users or group chat with followers) in the application.

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