As a disabled combat veteran, wall street firm financial advisor and government career counselor, I saw that everybody had dreams of either starting or growing their dream businesses, but they didnt know how. lets them achieve their goals. is the best free website and app dedicated to helping you start or grow your dream business for free

I built from scratch by myself with almost no help. Then the almost 6 million members stepped in and helped.

Outside of the almost 6 million members, has no support from the technology community

I am proud of my veteran status and

I learned that nearly everyone wants to start a business at .

I would like to see everybody join and start or grow their businesses for free.

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posted an update Alexa skill simply tells you what is when you ask alexa "what is buck get dot com". It is functional and does what it says it does. It could be modified to accept different iterations of the question such as "what is buck get".

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