Technologies move forward, that's why it's really important to provide tool what makes visitor`s lives easier to browse over the products.

What it does

This concept groups products by key-value:category and product and shows it grouped in bubbles. The feature has to be fed by the key value and in order to see the popular products in bigger bubbles there is an additional parameter as rating. It takes given products, draws bubbles for each category within products.

Challenges we ran into

The modal views are really fragile and have to be adjusted for different devices. You never know how it behaves on mobile, tablet, laptop with different resolution.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to build responsive and friendly representation of products in the groups.

What's next for Bubble Browse You'll Love

The idea is to start thinking about new product browsing revolution. We must be prepared for times when all devices are screen touchable and it's comfortable to navigate through Wayfair sites.

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