We often look at the fancy things like Burj Khalifa and we say wow! we think it's really amazing but we kinda forget what these amazing fancy things did to humanity. Many people had to suffer and die in order to build these buildings and machines.

What it does

It's an awareness platform to show that behind most of the amazing things, there are always people suffering. And we, as privileged humans should consider that fact and start doing something about it. What it does is basically shows both faces of each amazing thing in the world that was built by poor people who suffered a lot.

How I built it

Wrote the code from scratch using HTML and CSS. Nothing else.

Challenges I ran into

Optimizing the website for mobile devices. Then I got help from an awesome guy who helped explaining @media tag for me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm not a professional front-end developer, yet designing that in only a few hours was kinda a success for me.

What I learned

I have more power than I thought I do.

What's next for Bright is Dark

Share it with the world.

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