Our team signed up for brew hacks because we all love beer but when we sat down to brainstorm ideas for our hack, we realized that most of us were unfamiliar with the wide range of beers that are out there. It’s not that we weren’t down to try new brands and flavors, it’s just that we didn’t know what options there were. We had found our problem. So, we decided to build a service that we, ourselves, would want to use.

Some of us in the team don’t know a lot about the range of beers out there, so we decided to focus on how we could learn more about beers.

What it does

Brewbot was built to help you explore, discover, and order new types of beer that fit your preferences and your palate. Based on your preference choices, Brewbot will recommend a list of beers that match your choices in both flavor and type. Each beer has a brief flavor explanation and details about its alcohol content and bitterness. Should you want to pair your beer with a food, beer bot lets you know what types of food your beer goes best with. Once you’ve chosen a beer, you can save it to your favorites or order it either from our page or from our chat bot. If you want a beer right away, just send our bot a beer emoji and it’ll send you a beer from your suggestions, or you can let it know if you want a specific type. Once you confirm your order, Beer Bot will send your beer straight to your door.

How we built it

We built a website using jquery, bootstrap and AWS. We handle all sales and delivery of beer using Facebook messenger's new chatbot platform. We also created an A.I. chat agent that connects to facebook's messenger to handle a large scale of deliveries.

Challenges we ran into

Admittedly, since our knowledge is limited in this space, we spent a lot of time figuring out how beer worked. We of course did a lot of research to learn about how beers connected to foods and other ways to make recommendations on taste. That was the fun part of the challenges.

Another challenge was the mobile app, we were hoping to complete a location-enabled app on Android, but we weren't able to make it work and look as good as the location-enabled website! The website functions work, but couldn't do this mobile piece in time :( - [UPDATE!! We completed the Android APP!!! YAAAAAAASSSS!!!!]

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned a lot about the world of beers and recommendations both from our own research as well as from Phillip James, who really helped us work through the ways to recommend great beers.

It was also awesome to talk with the team about their platform for delivering alcoholic beverages.

What's next for Brewbot

As Brew Bot grows, our bot would become smarter and be able to make better, more personalized recommendations via chat based on user’s preferences. Brew Bot was also expand so as to be able to not only deliver beer to your door but also the food that best goes with that type of beer. Finally, Brew Bot would create a monthly subscription that would deliver a six pack of six different recommended beers directly to the user.

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