Create a fun and engaging skill with the user which helps them stay safe and also cater to a better driving habit among users. With more and more cars having Alexa support (e.g Ford Sync) this will be a very good skill to have. Creating a smarter and safer driver on the road.

What it does:

It takes minimal inputs from the user and identifies the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). The idea is to give an approximate BAC and also promote hailing a cab rather than driving.

How we built it:

We used the not so widely known Widmark formula (scientifically proven) to calculate BAC. We take the weight, drink consumed, serving size and the number of drinks as inputs. The user can also give multiple inputs in one instance. The complete logic is built in our API invoked through the lambda function.

Challenges we ran into:

Getting more than one input in one intent (like the serving size, drink and no of drinks) e.g. I had a glass of wine. This does work for some cases, but we could see that it is prone to errors. We had to modify our logic and also have fallback scenarios build and thoroughly tested in order to make this happen.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

This is a fresh idea for Alexa skill. There are no similar skills that are currently available in the skill store. Additionally, we have made the skill much more intuitive and fun than most of the skills live now. Not to forget, the social good of promoting safe driving habits.

What we learned:

The main and primary factor for a great skill is the dialogue design and not the technical implementation.

What's next for Breathalyzer: We have the following in the pipeline:

  1. Account linking- By this we can create a user profile, and take the inputs like weight and sex- this would make the dialogue design cleaner and easier to use. (We have almost finished the build for this but will not be able to meet the deadline so removing from the version one scope) 2.Have state wise permitted BAC and add that info into the skill. (taking the Address permission from the user)
  2. Add English UK and German languages.
  3. Hangover Remedies: This functionality would go hand in hand with the skill.
  4. Cocktail Recipies
  5. Drink Games

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