Brava was the product of Kent State University’s first-ever Fashion-Technology Hackathon. It was a bra with an embedded camera that would track eye movements and snap a picture whenever it detected direct eye contact. It would then Post this picture automatically to a social media outlet such as Facebook or Instagram.

Brava hopes to serve the needs of women (and some men) who are interested in capturing the glances of people who stare at their chest. Women may feel objectified or degraded by the unwanted glances of their co-workers or the general public. Brava gives them the power to turn the tables by exposing this behavior on a public forum such as social media. Or women may want to make a friendly competition out of who can get the most glances. Practically speaking the functionality of this product could not only deter unwanted glances but could keep them safe in situations where they could be a victim to violent crime or sexual assault. The potential that the attacker’s identity could be recorded serves as a deterrent. Additionally, Brava can be used as a research tool by anthropologists, sociologists, and psychologists who are looking to capture data from a blind population.

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