my source of inspiration came prior to the covid pandemic but the vision became much clear during the pandemic, i was part of the Brand Kenya expo process for Dubai expo as a participant,noticing how the process was affected i took it upon my self to try and address the issues.The projects vision and goal is to enable business flow where there are physical barriers such as health and logistical challenges,faced by Msme's. Its is a platform to give equal opportunity to all.

What it does

The platform is an E-commerce based solution with a win- win policy for three parties, the seller buyer and government it is meant to promote associations | individual start-ups and encouraging bulk purchases thus simulating a manufacturing economy to service local and international demands

How I built it

The project is still in its conceptual stages it is not yet built since it can be plugged in to existing government websites such as | it will use a Cms platform with mobile friendly features as well as android studio for mobile devices

Challenges I ran into

consultation with relevant bodies to polish up on policy framework and hurdles, system process development and financial funding to develop a working demo with similar developers

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

few parties have shown interest and have given compliments aside from this project other regional governments and economic blocs are looking towards such similar innovations.

What I learned

that there is a right time and place for each and every idea, that one needs to work on their ideas till they become relevant to that specific moment in time, up until their idea is useful even when least expected.

What's next for Brand Kenya E-commerce

Its the next big thing after E-citizen it is for start-ups to have a bridge to cross to give inspiration and empowerment for self-employment

Below i have given a sample website of how it would look on the front end

Built With

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