What is skull base surgery and how to get the best surgeon near you?

The base of the skull is a busy and intricate region with several holes through which the spinal cord, numerous blood arteries, and nerves all travel. Noncancerous & cancerous growths, as well as anomalies on the bottom of the brain, its skull base, or perhaps the top few bones of the spinal column, may be removed during skull base surgery in San Antonio, tx. Skull base surgery may be performed using a non-invasive endoscopic method because this is such a tough location to view and access.

The surgeon puts instruments into the skull via natural openings such as the nose or mouth or through a tiny hole somewhere above the brow. ENT (ear, nose, and throat) surgeons, neurosurgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, and radiologists are the experts needed for this procedure.

The only option to remove growths in this part of the body before endoscopic Skull Base Neurosurgery in San Antonio was to make a hole in the skull. This sort of surgery can be required in some instances.

What is the purpose of skull base surgery?

Skull base surgery in Awake craniotomy san antonio tx may be used to address the following growths and conditions:

● Cysts that develop after birth

● Infection-related growths

● Tumors of the pituitary gland

Meningiomas are noncancerous tumors that arise from the nerves, the tissue that surrounds and connects the brain as well as the skull.

● Chordomas are a type of slow-growing bone tumor that most commonly develops around the base of the skull.

● Trigeminal neuralgia is a painful condition that affects one part of the face.

● Growths around the pituitary gland are known as craniopharyngiomas.

● Craniosynostosis is a disease in which an infant's skull bones shut prematurely, impairing neurogenesis and the form of the skull.

● Fistulas in the cerebrospinal fluid.

● A weak, frequently bulging region in a blood artery in the brain is known as a cerebral aneurysm.

● Arteriovenous malformations are improper connections between arteries and veins.

Skull base neurosurgery in san antonio, TX comes in a variety of forms.

There are two major approaches to skull base surgery. Although endoscopic surgery is the preferred approach, surgical treatment is also a possibility, depending on the kind of tumor and its location:

The Gamma Knife Radiation Treatment San Antonio TX is endoscopic or minimally invasive. In most cases, this sort of surgery does not necessitate a big incision. A surgeon may create a tiny incision within the nose to enable a neurosurgeon to eliminate a growth using an endoscope, a thin illuminated tube.

An MRI is a sort of imaging that uses magnets as well as a computer to create an image of the base of the skull. It may be performed by a radiology expert while the medical specialists are working to ensure that all of the tumors have been removed.


Skull base surgery can be done in two ways: traditional or open. Incisions in the face region and the skull may be required for this sort of surgery. Parts of the bone may have to be removed in order to access and remove the tumor. This sort of surgery frequently necessitates the use of an operating room microscope.

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