Unofficial Team Members

My daughters Gia and Kaamya were team members who contributed to this project, but aren't official entrants due to the age restriction.


We were inspired to build Botvinci after learning about Leonardo da Vinci's quest for knowledge in so many different disciplines. Also, the knowledge that many school children don't have a parent at home who can assist them with increasing their learning outside the classroom, was a driving factor in creating this bot. Our vision is that the Botvinci bot will become a hub of learning, helping elementary and middle school kids augment their classroom learning in an easy and fun way. Over time, we will add numerous skills to keep the bot interesting, and to leverage NLP, Machine Learning and gamification to improve the efficiency with which subject matter is communicated to students.

What it does

Botvinci helps students increase their knowledge of different subjects through Quizzes, Language Trainers and personalized Lesson Plans that contain video and other media.

How I built it

We built the bot primarily using BotKit on Glitch.

Challenges I ran into

Glitch has some bugs that cause code to be wiped out when pasting. This was a huge productivity impediment.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My elementary and middle school daughters were able to participate in the project, right from concept, to content creation and coding.

What I learned

I became familiar with the BotKit and Cisco Spark dev environments.

What's next for Botvinci

In the future, we plan on enhancing Botvinci as follows:

  • Create numerous additional skill types that can be used for learning multiple subjects. For example, a gamification skill that allows students to learn as they play with friends.
  • Khan Academy video integration
  • Create a web-based portal for teachers to collaboratively create and share skills content with other teachers

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