The inspiration behind BOR3 was being bored at parties. Sometimes, there comes a point in a party or a business meeting where you need something to simply break the ice and that’s where BOR3 comes in. BOR3 is an app with three in built games meant for team building and making fun experiences at home or in the workplace! There is Spicy, a game similar to hot potato but instead of a ball being the hot potato, it’s your phone. There is Down The Line, a helper to the iconic game of Telephone(also known as Chinese Whispers) which can randomly generate words or phrases and tell you how close the end result was to the original. And last but not least, there is Phone Roulette, a game where you are at the mercy of a single press! We built this app using Expo and React Native. A couple of challenges we ran into in the creation of this project were creating dynamic text boxes and figuring out the stack navigator. A couple of accomplishments that we’re proud of upon creating this were our use of custom images and using the React Native frameworks and APIs. After completing this project, we have learned and gained better knowledge of using React Native. We also learned how incorporate haptics and audio into our app.

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