The idea for the Boop app started as an inside joke four years ago. It was a game our friends and us played where we would go around "booping" each other's noses. When Pokemon GO came out, we joked about how we could do that for boops. Long story short we never got around to actually making the app, but we decided to finally attempt it. It is also like a game of virtual tag tying it into the theme of this competition.

What it does

The app simply takes a username and then connects to a map. Every user connects to the same game. Users go around searching for other users and when you get close enough to other users a button will pop up and you can "boop" them, therefore making it a giant game of tag. When you "boop" someone you receive one point. If you get "booped" you are stunned for 30 seconds where you can neither get "booped" or "boop" someone else. This is a simple short version of the app we wanted to create.

How we built it

We built it in Unity using C#, MapBox, and Photon Multiplayer.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into several challenges along the way. Starting with arriving late at the competition to almost running out of time to get everything working. We struggled the most with having too big of ideas and trying to complete them in such a short amount of time. We wanted to add users Bitmojis as their player in the app using a Firebase to create multiple accounts. However, we realized after regrouping eight hours into the competition that we had gotten nowhere on either the Snap Kit integration with Unity or the Firebase implementation. We discussed a more feasible plan, and yielded that we should just implement a multiplayer version using Unity's Network Manager HUD. Jane struggled with this for hours. Searching many different forums, blogs, and videos. Finally we decided to go a different way and use photon multiplayer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are so excited that we finally created the Boop app. We almost thought that we would never get around to making this app. So even though it isn't exactly how we imagined it we are proud that we have a working version of our dream app.

What we learned

We learned several things this weekend. There are crazy number of events that can happen in 36 hours. We not only learned a multitude of things about Unity and everything it can do, but we also learned new things about each other.

What's next for Boop

We have huge dreams for the boop app. Things we will definitely add in the future include a Firebase to store accounts and user data, security functions, Bitmoji avatars, different point system, and many more game functions. After this hackathon we plan to continue to work on the app little by little, and maybe one day even have it on the app store, so keep an eye out for it.

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