It all started one normal day when I scrolled through the reddit page and read upon a fellow terp who went homeless despite still attending courses at the university. I felt moved by the post and inspired to do something about - even though I can't change the strong rise in textbooks prices I thought about a way to play the prices so people could get rid of old textbooks and make some money at the same time.

Because financing for college students is so difficult - it would benefit to make some quick cash and get rid of clutter by selling textbooks that won't have any future use. And why buy a new textbook when you can get it for cheaper.

This allows an alternative to one SPECIFIC company monopoly - which prevents monopolization from the major company.

What it does

It allows students to post their textbooks for a price, buy, and trade textbooks with other college students within college campuses.

How we built it

Developed the front end and back end with xCode

Challenges we ran into

Connecting the firebase platform to the xCode platform correctly

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

the ability create accounts and have a track of them with Firebase was successful.

What's next for bookXCHANGE

real life publication

Built With

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