Inspiration| Often times business delays can arise from unanticipated and even unacknowledged directions. Great ideas are often postponed because there was not an available space for collaboration. A key contributor may miss a meeting as they were circling the lot looking for a parking spot. These are two examples of what many would consider minor inconveniences, but can cause surprisingly large repercussions if left unaddressed. This project seeks to streamline these two common business problems using data that is already available and organized by the customer. This means minimal infrastructure investment, and a maximized return on investment. By centralizing work space requests and parking requests, and tying them to an employees UID/badge, workflow increases and centralized management is viable. This simple yet powerful platform also allows for easy expansion as other needs arise. For example, VTC requests could easily be integrated into this same system. This project is all about increasing efficiency with what you already have. You put in the money, time, and effort. Now reap the profits.

What it does| Streamlines multiple existing processes into a single productive workflow.

How I built it| Using HTML, CSS, Python, and Javascript

Challenges I ran into| Trying to setup the data base

Accomplishments that I'm proud of|

What I learned| python works really well with web appliaction

What's next for Bookit&Parkit|

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