In the recent lockdown, I got addicted to books. When I need a new book, I either try to buy it online or share an e-book with my friends. But my friends don't have the book that I need. So I decided to get a new book, exchange the book with new people and get friends too.

What it does

It helps you in getting books as well as friends. So you can exchange your book with others. It works on 3 steps

  1. Search your book
  2. Punch the request
  3. Check your email Now when you check the email, you can get in touch with the other book lover and exchange your words with him/her.

How we built it

We built it on HTML, CSS and Bootstrap4 and for the backend we chose Django REST Framework as API to submit the form, get the book details and send the confirmation mail to others.

Challenges we ran into

The CSS keyframes and Django deployment are the hardest challenges we had met.

What's next for Bookinder

We would try to implement the backend part and use the Google Maps API and geolocation as one of the main features. Its same feature used in Tinder or Ola app

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